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The Virtual-Tea Art

Creativity, Thinking out of the box, Meditative, Non-conventional

Activity Description

In the hush gush of life, we have started to avoid the details. We have somehow missed the uniqueness of details and how giving attention to them can create a fresh perspective for us. We normally typecast things as they are and don’t try to rethink our way. How can we see a tea stain differently? By using the eye of an artist and creating simple art from it. Participants have to join the virtual tea or coffee meeting with team SALT. The tea or coffee that everyone makes for themselves should be strong flavoured. The activity starts with everyone sipping their hot beverage and getting comfortable with the discussions led by the facilitator. The surprise comes later when the participants are asked to try their hands on creating an art with tea on a piece of cloth or paper. The fun is to see how a normal tea conversation gets revamped into an artistic mood in no time!

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