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The Pin-Up Challenge

Collaboration, Big Picture Thinking

Activity Description

The challenge for the teams is apparently simple, but ten minutes into the activity reality sets in. “Not so easy as it looks”, we hear people murmuring. Soon teams realize that if they are to succeed, they need to work as one team leveraging every single individual. Packing a canvas with push pins where the location of each pixel can make a difference is as much grunt work as it is a skill. Individual teams working on each canvas, often cannot completely decipher where it is leading to. The challenge is set up in two levels – one calling for intra team collaboration and another calling for inter team collaboration. All the while the energy is kept at a high by Facilitators who ensure that teams continue to work at a breathless pace as they head towards the final whistle. When all the canvases come together in a rousing finale – a larger than life image stares out of the creation to the utter amazement of the participants. We often hear gasps of disbelief as participants take a few steps back to take in what they have themselves created together as a team.

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