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The Amazing City Race

Getting out of the comfort zone, Collaboration, Shift in Paradigm

Activity Description

This exciting activity can really be the showstopper of an event. Teams get divided into smaller units, roles and responsibilities get assigned as the participants are ready for the quest. Each team is given a photo clues and the location point to reach where the photo have been clicked all around the city which is strategically divided into various zones by team SALT. With the help of the photo clues, GPS and the question attached to it, teams have to tinker for the answers and finish the challenges carefully crafted for the teams together. Participants really have to get their ‘A’ game in front to crack the questions set. This tech-based activity will create an unforgettable experience for the whole team to cherish and they get a LEARNCENTIVE of getting out of the conference room and enjoy the city in a fresh new way.

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