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Lights! Camera! Action! Challenge

Getting out of the comfort zone, be able to take one for the team

Activity Description

It’s a MEGA activity with 3 parts: Shooting – 50 teams shoot a movie in an iPad in the given format and theme. Editing – Teams are given editing slots where they edit the movie. The station is supervised by team SALT. Showcasing – The top 10 selected movies will be premiered that day itself in the evening (like the way movies are nominated for the Award shows by a preselected panel of the jury). Apart from being an actor in the movie, each team member is given a certain role such as a director, editor, producer, etc. It’s a time-crunched task as they have to shoot the entire movie in approximately 1 hr. 15mins. Finally, the entire team dresses-up and comes together for the Movie Premiere followed by the Awards for various categories. (It’s the real ‘black lady’ trophy that we give away for this). Note: This activity can be run in a different format and has the potential to engage 600 participants for the entire day.

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