We provide training and workshop solutions for corporates, institutions, and government agencies. Salt takes out the inconvenience of training with our specialized team who manages everything from end to end and provide innovative and enjoyable experiential learning activities and discussions.

We embrace opportunities to personalize our workshops to ensure that we deliver the most relevant content and achieve impactful results.
We primarily focus on how we can help businesses achieve the desired results that mean success to them.

Our collective goal is to add value to business communities by delivering highly effective and meaningful results at every workshop.

Challenges that we address

  • Missing coordination among the team.
  • Lack of interpersonal interaction.
  • Too confined to the team, not reaching outside the team.
  • Lack of synergy.
  • Lack of visibility.
  • Silo thinking.
  • Lack of solution-oriented thinking.
  • Lack of open communication.
  • Need for innovative ideas.
    And more…

Proposed Methodology: Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle

1. Experience: Makes our program completely experiential in nature

2. Observation & Reflection: Enriched with good mix of indoor and outdoor activities

3. Generalization: With learning and concluding an idea/concept applicable in the workplace

4. Testing in new situations: With the aim to bring out the key learning metrics

Unlock solutions through our programs

Professional Development Training Topics

  • Teambuilding
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • CSR
  • Motivation
  • HR Solutions
  • Induction Workshops
  • Fire Walk, Glass breaking, Rod-Bending

Our mission is to deliver world-class workshops and creating everlasting memories.
We focus on the following areas:

Team building

Discover the perfect blend of fun and learning, keeping the ultimate objective in mind.

Innovation and Leadership

Discover true leadership while you learn and understand what it takes to innovate in this ever-changing world.


Experience the joy of giving while doing an activity together with your team.

HR Solutions

Choose from a wide variety of behavioral training.